Nintendo Launches New Switch Console With Larger OLED Display, New Kickstand & More: All You Need to Know


After months of speculation and rumours, Nintendo has finally announced a new model of its gaming console Switch. The new Nintendo Switch comes with an OLED display and does not bring any significant changes to the CPU or RAM currently used in other Nintendo Switch devices. The Nintendo Switch OLED model does not have a new CPU or more RAM, the company said. The new Nintendo Switch isn’t the revised Switch Pro that rumours were talking about since the past few months. The new Nintendo Switch will launch in two colour options – white and neon red/ neon blue.

The console has been priced at $359.99 (roughly Rs 26,100). It is not known if the OLED model of the Nintendo Switch will make it to the Indian market. The console will be relseaed in the US on October 8 this year. While there seems to be no major change in the Nintendo Switch except the OLED display, let us take a look at what all is new. The OLED model of the Nintendo Switch features a 7-inch OLED display, as against the 6.2-inch LCD display on the standard variant. There is no mention of a change in resolution, so users are still going to have to deal with 720p on the built-in display. Nintendo has also doubled the amount of internal storage to 64GB, which is a welcome upgrade from the 32GB internal storage of the original model. Now, while Nintendo is claiming better sound than the original version, it is not known how exactly that is achieved.

In terms of design, the shell of the console is slightly wider than the base model, so users are going to get smaller bezels around the screen. The new Nintendo Switch comes with a larger screen with slimmer bezels, and a new kickstand. The kickstand on the Nintendo Switch has been redesigned to take up the entire width of the system, and is also adjustable now. The current Switch’s kickstand is considered rather flimsy, so this is also a welcome upgrade.

Aside from the Switch system itself, there are upgrades to the dock as well. Specifically, the Nintendo Switch dock now has a built-in Ethernet (LAN) port, so users can play their games in wired mode for a faster and more reliable connection. Currently, the Nintnendo Switch requires users to use a USB-to-Ethernet adapter for the same effect.